Car Insurance For Child Not Living At Home

Car Insurance For Child Not Living At Home – What Are Your Options?

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If your child has a license and drives your car, you should list them as a driver in your policy, since the insurance company may refuse to pay if the child gets into an accident. You should however check whether you need to list your child as a driver in your policy or if she is automatically covered. Adding your child to your insurance cover will increase your premiums but at the same time your excess may reduce.

You may be wondering about car insurance for child not living at home. Normally you may be able to retain your child in your policy if she is not living with you. As long as you continue to pay the premiums and your home is listed as her residence, your insurance provider may allow your child to remain under your cover.

A child in a different state

You may be a youngster and are asking, “Can i stay on my parents car insurance if i move to a different state?” If you are covered under your parents’ car insurance policy and you are moving out, you may be allowed by the insurance provider to maintain the cover. For instance, if you are moving to another state to go to college and you will be living on campus, the insurance company will recognize your parents’ home as your permanent residence. You may even be allowed to remain on your parents’ policy if you will be living off campus but close to the college.

As a parent, you can discuss with your youngster when you should remove them from your policy. You can opt to remove child from car insurance after they finish college so that they can begin to manage their own finances.

Car insurance when parents are divorced

There are certain rules concerning car insurance for child of divorced parents. Normally, you will be required to list the child under your insurance cover if you have primary custody over the child. If it is a case of joint custody, the parent who has the child most of the year will be the one to list the child under their custody. You can also list the child on both your insurance policies if your child spends almost an equal amount of time with each parent.

Insurance when the car is in the child’s name

You may be asking, “Can I be on my parents’ car insurance if the car is in my name?” This will mainly depend on the insurance policy of your parents. Most insurance providers will want the car that is being insured to be in the policy holder’s name. There are also certain rules regarding how the car can be registered, titled and insured and this depends on your locality. You therefore have to contact your parents’ insurance provider to get guidance on what is possible.

Adding a non resident to your insurance

You may be wondering, “Can I add someone to my car insurance that doesn’t live with me?” If this is a person that normally uses your car but does not live with you, it would be safer to list them under your insurance cover. You should not appear to be hiding information from the insurance provider.