Can Someone Else Drive My Car Under My Insurance

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Under My Insurance – Guidelines On What To Expect

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As long as your car is registered, it has the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. This insurance covers bodily injuries or death caused to the other drivers, pedestrians or passengers when you cause an accident. Damages to the cars involved are not covered under this policy.

The question you may be asking is, “Can someone else drive my car under my insurance?” It will depend on your policy. If the other person is listed as a driver, they are automatically covered under your insurance. You may also ask, ‘Can a friend drive my car?” Yes, they can drive your car under certain circumstances.

Other people driving your car

You could be wondering, “Can someone drive my car if they are not on my insurance?” This will depend on the insurance policy that you have. If you have a policy that covers unlisted drivers, then the person will be covered. Having unlisted drivers on your policy will increase your excess but it will be cheaper for you if they get into an accident.

If your policy does not cover unlisted drivers, then your insurance will likely cover damages to the car but not personal injury to the person if the person is at fault. If the person has insurance, then their cover may pay for their medical bills.
On the other hand, if the person driving your car is not at fault, they can claim from the driver who is at fault and the CTP of the driver at fault will pay for medical expenses. If the driver who caused the crash has comprehensive insurance, then damage to your car will be covered by their insurance.

Liability when your car gets into an accident

If someone else drives your car and gets in an accident, are you responsible? There are several things that come into play when another person is driving your car and crashes it. If it is this person’s fault, the insurance company will check whether the driver is listed as a driver in your policy and whether they have a valid license. If the person’s license is suspended or cancelled, the insurance provider may decline to pay for damages.

The crash may also not be covered if the person was driving under the influence. The type of policy that you have may also determine whether insurance will cover for damages. If your policy does not cover drivers under 25 and the person falls under this age group, then you will not be covered. If your insurance declines to pay, you will have to pay for damages to your car, the other vehicle and damage to public property. This is what happens if someone gets in an accident while driving your car.

When are you liable after an accident?

You may be asking, “If someone borrows my car and gets in an accident, am I liable?” Normally you will not be liable if the person driving your car gets into an accident unless it is a case of negligence. This means that if your friend got into an accident because your car was not in good shape, then you will be labeled negligent. You will therefore have to pay for personal injuries that the person sustains.